Unlit Lucan path to get public lighting after years of darkness

Path 3 rotated

South Dublin County Council has confirmed that it will be installing public lighting on an unlit pathway in Lucan.

The confirmation comes after years of campaigning from local residents and county councillors.

Sinn Fein councillor Derren Ó Brádaigh says the news is welcome in the community.

“I am very happy indeed to have had such a positive response from South Dublin County Council public realm this week confirming a new public lighting scheme for the 100 metre pedestrian path connection between Castegate Crescent and the main Newcastle Road,” he says.

“This follows an earlier representation that I submitted on behalf of Adamstown residents.

“This section of important path leading to the main road bus stop has remained void of any lighting whatsoever since the construction of Castlegate/Adamstown for long over a decade and is in complete darkness after nightfall.

“Resident’s report feeling nervous walking this important route with some people stating that they no longer take the route, opting instead to walk the longer and safer main road via Castlegate Way.

“The announcement has confirmed that this new scheme will be commissioned by early 2022 and I will be paying particularly close attention to ensure that it does in fact arrive as promised.

“The residents of Adamstown have knitted together over recent years with some fantastic efforts and initiatives to take ownership of this growing and diverse community through the setting up of Neighbourhood Watch and community clean up groups all playing their part.

“The installation of new lighting along this pathway will also help to eliminate any loitering or anti-social behaviour from occurring at this location, thereby making it safer for commuters using the nearby main road bus stop.

“I commend the Gardaí for their notable presence on the ground recently, despite a lack of adequate resources.

“I would also like to also take this opportunity to commend the Council and their work crews for all of their ongoing improvement and maintenance works in Lucan, Clondalkin and Palmerstown and throughout the county.”

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