Southsider follows her dreams by opening antique shop  

A SOUTHSIDE woman who decided to finally follow her dreams hopes her story will encourage others to do the same.

Deirdre Knight had worked as a nurse since she was 18 but always felt something was missing from her life.

“I always had this big interest in antiques for as long as I could remember,” Deirdre tells Southside People.

“I’m fascinated in the history of things, I love holding old items and thinking about all hands they’ve been through.

“When the pandemic hit I had a lot more time to think and I started to think about regretting not following my dreams.

“I have this profound interest in antiques, yet I wasn’t spending enough of my time on this passion.

“So, I just though ‘why not?’ and decided to quit nursing and open an antique shop.

“In life our biggest regret comes from not doing something and I didn’t want to feel full of regret.”

Deirdre went in search of a location for her new shop and eventually decided on her current premises on Leopardstown Road.

Following months of preparation Ye Olde Curiosity Shoppe opened its doors to the public on July 7 this year.

“My hope is that my shop will bring back a sense of community to the area,” Deirdre says.

03 new Deirdre3
A corner of the shop

“The shop unit I’ve taken over had been empty so its great for local people to have somewhere to come and browse.

“My shop is about memories.

“It’s about that ‘oh I remember’ feeling you get when you see something old.

“The local community have been very supportive and lots of them pop in and out.

03 new Deirdre2
A spinners chair, used in times gone by for spinning yarn

“The pandemic has robbed us of human contact so I hope I can help reconnect people.

“I already have a couple of regulars who often come in for a browse and a chat.

“My shop is a fairly unique one as it’s very much a candlelit store.

“I have a lantern that hangs outside the door that I’m hoping it will become synonymous with the shop.

03 new Deirdre4
The shop window display

“It’s a small shop full of character where anyone who walks through the door can expect to find anything from vintage walking sticks to old chairs, Chinese plates, vintage bowls, art prints, ornaments, old Irish coins, vintage jewellery and pottery.

“I’m not out to make an absolute fortune, I’m doing this because I love antiques and I just love that I’m doing something I feel so passionate about.

“We only have one life, the only thing we don’t have is time.

“I would recommend to anyone to follow your dreams.

“Life is short, when I come to work I’m not going to work.

“I think when people find out that my previous career for over thirty years was in nursing it creates an element of trust, that I’m an honest business woman.

“Of course, there is a risk in doing this but to not take the risk is the biggest regret.

“You create your own world, anything is possible.

“The only regret I have now is that I didn’t do this sooner.”

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