Quarryvale Park set to be revitalized as funding boost announced

18 new Quarryvale Park

Quarryvale Park in Clondalkin is set to be revitalized after funding has been allocated to the green space under the Capital Projects fund.

Sinn Fein councillor Derren Ó Bradaigh welcomed the news, saying the park has been “underutilised.”

“I am delighted that finally some improvement works will be scheduled in the improvements works for 2022, that will help address the total absence of any basic amenities in Quarryvale Park.

“This was confirmed to me this week by the relevant manager of Capital Projects, having pursued the matter with the council since,” he said.

Ó Bradaigh said that Quarryvale Park has been essentially ignored South Dublin County Council for a number of years.

“It has always struck me how this one park, above all others in the wider locality is totally void of basic amenities – by this I mean no public seating, shrubs and planting, trees, public bins, play spaces etc. It has essentially become a field filled with litter, remains of fires and glass covered pathways.

“Back in May of this year, I had a motion passed at Area Committee requesting that Quarryvale Park be included in the Parks and Open Strategy for consideration for improvement works.”

Ó Bradaigh said that this will bring Quarryvale “in line with other nearby parks such as Collinstown in North Clondalkin and Willsbrook and Hermitage Parks in East Lucan – all of these spaces benefit from play areas, seating and have public bins located at every entrance.

“The only part of Quarryvale Park that is maintained with any real diligence or care is the high hedgerow that is neatly maintained from the Fonthill road and separating the main roadway between the Liffey Valley multi-million euro corporate entrance end and the unkempt park itself,” he says.

“Quarryvale Park is six hectares in size and as such is underutilised.

“I belief that with some thought and investment, the local community could greatly begin to benefit from a valuable open piece of parkland for everyone to own and enjoy.”

Ó Bradaigh says that although local residents strive to maintain the park, it is often the target of anti-social behaviour.

“The park has one soccer pitch but this is not currently allocated,” he says.

“Quarryvale Community Centre occupy the South West corner of the park with staff and volunteers helping to keep an eye to the park, but along with local residents, they are falling foul of the anti-social behavioural problems experienced in areas that are to some degree neglected.

“I now look forward to the improvement recommendations that will be forthcoming from the Public Realm operations and maintenance section in the council.”

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