Lending a Helping Hand in Tallaght this Christmas

A comunity-based group established in Tallaght to help struggling families is expanding its services.

Launched seven years ago, ‘A Helping Hand’ has grown from a Christmas Day dinner the group held annually to helping families on a weekly basis.

Tallaght councillor Dermot Richardson, who helped establish the Christmas Day dinner for the homeless, is the founder of ‘A Helping Hand.’

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So how did it all start?

“A Helping Hand was set up in 2014 providing Christmas dinner to families and individuals,” Dermot told Southside People.

“Every year we held a Christmas dinner at KidsZone Tallaght until Covid stopped us .

“Families depended on it for somewhere to go on Christmas Day as they have no cooking facilities in hotels.

“In 2019 we had 350 people for dinner the largest number we ever had and we provided hampers to families also

“We are now helping families on a weekly basis with hampers and household products when they come from emergency accommodation.

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“This would not be possible if it was not for the community with donations of food and household furniture.

“So many people help with furniture and food items for us to be able provide theirs service.
“A helping hand will expand its services in 2022 with a new support service, ‘Good morning Tallaght’, phoning any person who needs a chat.

“We hope to have this up and running by the end of January

“We would also like to thank Layton Kelly at new Hope residential for all the support with hampers .

“Also all our volunteers without them we would not be able provide this service.”

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