Health Committee to discuss report into crack cocaine use in Tallaght with representatives

committee room 1

The Joint Committee on Health will meet today to discuss the report, ‘The Landscape of Substance Misuse and its impact on the communities of Tallaght’s Drugs and Alcohol Task Force’.

The meeting will take place at 09.30 in Committee Room 2 of Leinster House.

The following representatives are due to address the meeting:

  • Grace Hill – Coordinator, Tallaght Drug and Alcohol Task Force (TDATF)
  • Shane Hamilton – Coordinator, Jobstown Assisting Drug Dependency (JADD)
  • Anna Quigley, Co-ordinator CityWide Drugs Crisis Campaign. (CWDCC)

Speaking ahead of the meeting, Committee Cathaoirleach Deputy Seán Crowe said: “We welcome the opportunity to hear from TDATF and JAS following the launch of their research report into substance misuse and its impact on the communities of Tallaght.”

“The report highlighted the disturbing impact of crack cocaine use in Tallaght and what community projects are doing with limited resources to support people affected.

“It found the number of people being treated in task force projects in Tallaght has doubled in the last 10 years, and one third of those seeking help for crack cocaine addiction in the area are now women.”

“Unlike heroin there is no substitute pharmacological treatment to treat crack cocaine users, therefore, it is of critical importance that any response to this issue must include a broader, early intervention response to people and families affected by crack cocaine use.”

“Frontline services and community workers in Tallaght have said crack cocaine abuse has become an “epidemic”.

“Groups working in these communities have highlighted this crisis and why they need more funding to carry out the essential work they undertake.

“Over the past ten years, Tallaght has seen significant growth in population, deprivation, substance misuse and drug related crime.

“With a young population of approximately 100,000, the size of the area exceeds cities like Limerick and Galway and is still expanding.

“Community workers have highlighted the demands for their services from areas outside west Dublin due to the explosion in drug misuse.”

“In Budget 2022, an additional €500,000 was announced to tackle the issue of crack cocaine but it is clear that this is not sufficient to the deal with the crack cocaine crisis in Dublin and across the country.”

“Crack cocaine risks destroying individuals and entire communities. We look forward to hearing from representatives working on the ground about this issue and the path ahead.”

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