Dynamic Drimnagh Forum to launch at Brickfield Park tomorrow

Drimnagh sign

Lord Mayor of Dublin Alison Gilliland will formally launch the Dynamic Drimnagh Forum at Brickfield Park tomorrow.

Supported by Dublin City Council and the South City Partnership, the community driven initiative seeks to “promote unity across the community which has historically been divided across local authority boundaries,” says the council.

Many Drimnagh residents says that the community is “falling between two stools” when it comes to public funding and development of local infrastructure.

Iseult Byrne, Chair of the Steering Committee Dynamic Drimnagh Forum said: “The Dynamic Drimnagh forum aims to support, advocate and encourage unity in the community as Drimnagh develops.

“We are aware that Drimnagh is undergoing and will undergo significant change and development in the coming years.

“Our aim is to support a strong inclusive, creative and caring Drimnagh where the community plays a leadership role in managing development and transformation”.

The Dynamic Drimnagh Forum will undertake work in five priority areas.

These are cohesive community, community focused development, lifelong learning, environmental action, and health, well being and leisure and culture.

In launching the forum, Lord Mayor of Dublin, Alison Gilliland said: “Drimnagh is an area with a rich history of community activism and self-reliance. #

“Drimnagh boasts many wonderful sports and social clubs, youth outreach centre, community groups and resident’s associations, but has historically suffered from having those community groups split across local authority administrative boundaries, thereby diluting access to public services.

“With this new, community led forum, Drimnagh’s collective voice, and the full force of all the wonderful groups that give life to this area, will be amplified so that they can be heard loud and clear into the future.

“You now have a forum to serve all Drimnagh as a united front, advocating for the needs of the few and the many with the same loud voice.

“This is a forum that will champion Drimnagh as an inclusive, vibrant area of Dublin, promoting LGBTQ programmes, enhancing the environmental heritage of Drimnagh and promoting sustainability, seeking positive, community focused development, and the retention and promotion of sporting and recreational areas, clubs and activities, plus the construction of a new civic centre and library for the area.”

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