Dodder Activity claim plastic air pollution becoming worse in Dublin


Plastic pollution in Dublin has become worse over the last 12 months, according to Kevin Dennehy from Dodder Action, a volunteer run team who organise cleanings along the banks of Dublin’s River Dodder.

Speaking with The Dublin Gazette after one more big range clean up at the weekend, Kevin claimed: “There’s 2 kinds of rubbish we find. First off we discover household rubbish, so the typical black bag with everything in it. However the other one that we’re much more acquainted with is laid-back littering.

People just unloading containers as well as wrappers. Theres little or no enforcement when it pertains to littering and it’s worse over the last few months.

Describing a prospective reason for this as a lack of sources, Kevin said: “South Dublin County Council has 280 thousand occupants and also 5 trash wardens.

There’s additionally a question of the perspectives of individuals too. There has to be support for individuals and also while we can facilitate them with more bins, there has to be a fine for leaving clutter and I do not think the councils are doing sufficient regarding it.”

In very early 2020 there was an initiative presented in Co. Monaghan where a container down payment system was established.

A vending maker was used as a way for people to bring back plastic containers. After they introduced, they were quickly oversubscribed. They received 10 times the variety of containers they forecasted.

Discussing doing something comparable in Dublin, Kevin stated: “We ‘d be in favour of presenting deposits on containers and cans as it works in various other nations.

We made use of to have it below in the seventies as well as there would be not a problem in reestablishing it. People will utilize it. We think this can be a first step in tackling our problems with trash in the city.”

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