Defibrillator installed in Village

Helen Flint Celine Chamberlaine and Concepta Corbett Dalkey CFR Kieran Moloney Manager Druids Chair and Simone Walsh Killiney.

An all new defibrillator has been installed in Killiney village, composes Amy

Rohu. Following contributions from the Druids Chair hostelry customers, neighborhood Killiney residents, Dalkey Community First Responders as well as organizations in the bordering locations, sufficient cash was elevated to buy 2 totally automated AEDs, the first of which was set up last week at a socially distanced ceremony in the village.

After the introduction, Dalkey Neighborhood First Responders demonstrated how to make use of the AED in an emergency and also gave a demonstration of mouth-to-mouth resuscitation. These volunteers and also the Druids Chair will continue to sustain as well as maintain the AED.

A race night initially prepared to happen on Friday 13th March 2020 in the Druids Chair to increase funds for a defibrillator for Killiney village, really did not proceed after the very first lockdown was introduced the day prior to the event. Prior to the setup of the brand-new defibrillator, the local AED to Killiney village lay 1.7 kilometres far from both Dalkey as well as Ballybrack.

Picture- Helen Flint, Celine Chamberlaine as well as Concepta Corbett (Dalkey CFR), Kieran Moloney (Manager Druids Chair) as well as Simone Walsh, Killiney.

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