Councillor dismay at SDCC window and door replacement programme

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Sinn Féin councillor for Palmerstown Derren Ó Brádaigh has expressed concern following replies he received from South Dublin County Council relating to the window and door replacement programme to existing council housing stock.

Councillor Ó Brádaigh said: “Recently I had a question regarding progress on the rollout of the Enhanced Window Replacement Programme.

“This I asked for two reasons – to respond to queries by applicants in my own area of Lucan, Palmerstown and North Clondalkin for window and door replacements but also in the context of progress to the National Energy Efficiency / Retrofitting Programme 2021 – 2030.

“Covid restrictions have prevented commencement of an initial 200 homes to receive window and door replacements.

“Seven of the 15 areas listed in this phase are in my own constituency including Airlie, Arthur Griffith and Foxdene in Lucan with Greenfort, Harelawn, Kilcronan and Kilmahuddrick in Clondalkin.

“The cost of full retrofitting including windows/doors, exterior insulation and heating modification is between €21 – €41k depending on the rating – window and doors estimated at €8k per house.

“We are all acutely aware of the current housing crisis that we find ourselves and for that reason, it is vital that existing housing stock is adequately maintained – on closer inspection of the figures, I calculate that 65% of our housing stock nationally was built pre 1990’s – under our retrofitting commitments we have half a million homes to complete across the country in nine years.

“The total number of social homes in need of full retrofits is 36,500 by 2030 with 2,400 the target originally set for 2021.

“South Dublin had a very meagre minimum target of 91 homes from its housing stock due for full retrofitting this year revised at April 12th to 117.

“This represents about 1% of its total stock – this in my view is hugely disappointing and is a non-achievement toward our overall commitments in the context of climate crisis. To continue on this path, we will not meet our obligated targets in proactively driving the need for immediate and urgent change.”

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