’15-Minute City in Dublin would prevent scenes over the weekend’ says Geoghegan

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The creation of a 15 minute city in Dublin would mean our public spaces would not ‘be abused as permanent outdoor services and facilities would be in place.’

This is according to Fine Gael bye election candidate in Dublin Bay South James Geoghegan who

“The scenes over the weekend along South William Street are the clearest evidence we have of just how ill-equipped Dublin City is to meet the requirements of what a post-pandemic city centre needs,” Councillor Geoghegan said.

“If we are going to make Dublin liveable into the future and attract tourists back to our city, the pace of the pedestrianisation agenda must be accelerated.

“A culture has developed over the past number of years in Dublin City Council which views public toilets or public seating as something that attracts anti-social behaviour.

“The evidence in villages like Blackrock or Dún Laoghaire, however, is that this perspective is seriously outdated.

“In Paris and Edinburgh, they are changing main throughfares of their streets forever and we need to have that same level of ambition for College Green or O’Connell Street.

“I have been working with Dublin City Council to pedestrianise Merrion Row and helping to deliver outdoor dining infrastructure for local Ranelagh and Sandymount businesses.

“And I will continue to work with local authorities to pursue this agenda.”

Cllr Geoghegan said he beieves a ‘properly resourced waste strategy is essential’ in the short term if Dublin wants to avoid being viewed as ‘a waste nightmare.’

“The weather forecast looks good for this bank-holiday weekend and waste collection in Dublin City Council needs to be properly resourced or the rubbish itself will cause its own public health problems,” he said.

“Soon we will have the reopening of restaurants bars and cafes, which will be positive as people come back into the city and trading resumes after a hugely challenging year,” Councillor Geoghegan concluded.

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